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Italian Ingredients

Our Story

We believe in things well done, those in which nothing is left to chance but expertly designed.

We think everyone deserves to taste “good food”, which when you taste it reminds you of ancient genuine flavors.

Born from the authentic recipes of the Italian culinary tradition, which have always satisfied the best palates by generating joy, friendship and conviviality. We live in modern times and their needs, we feel part of this process that runs fast and relentlessly.

We believe in technology and innovation in every area that allows us to bring all the flavor of ancient dishes to the table without having to spend mornings in the kitchen

Enjoy in Good Taste and Live Life

The founder, Giampiero Cascino, began traveling through the world at the age of 24. He worked in cities like Sydney, Dubai, Miami and London un- til 2009 when he founded Italian Ingredients. In a few years Italian Ingre- dients became a distinctive reference for customers who set a high value on High-Quality mediterranean food and Events and its concept has been soon be brought around the world.

Under Italian Ingridients’ Clients we count Accenture, Unicredit, Lui Jo, Pa- trizia Pepe, Damiani.

In 2020 Italian ingredients and partners have developed a new concept of food conservation and distribution. With a highly-innovative process of con- servation, the meals are genuinely prepared and have a shelf life of 40 days without containing any preservatives or other chemical additives.