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Born from the authentic recipes of the Italian culinary tradition, which have always satisfied the best palates by generating joy, friendship and conviviality. We live in modern times and their needs, we feel part of this process that runs fast and relentlessly.

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We believe in tradition, and ours taught us that when it comes to cooking it’s all about the quality of the ingredients. We only use the best BIO ingredients. But we also believe in innovation which helps us provide you with savory food with long shelf life without any preservatives or other chemical stuff.

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Italian Ingredients

Our Menu

With the conspicuous variety of dishes, we know, you’ll be spoiled for choice. But don’t think twice: They all do taste excitingly good and have been prepared with no compromises in terms of quality and attention for detail.

Lasagna alla Bolognese

Food preparation with egg pasta, Bolognese sauce and béchamel.

Lasagna di verdure

Food preparation with egg pasta, béchamel and vegetables.

Parmigiana di melanzane

Food preparation with grilled eggplants, béchamel, cheese.

Cannelloni ricotta e spinaci

Food preparation with green egg pasta, ricotta cheese and spinach.

Risotto di mare

Food preparation with rice and seafood

Risotto salsiccia e carciofi

Food preparation with rice, sausage and artichokes

Risotto al tartufo

Food preparation with rice and black truffle shavings

Risotto agli asparagi

Food preparation with rice and asparagus.

Italian Ingredients

Our Chef

Our Chef Cooks learned in the best school: their grandmothers’ kitchen. And we guarantee, that to our meals nothing more is added than what an Italian “Nonna” would.

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Italian Ingredients

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We have big plans for the future, follow us, let us take you on this journey there.


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